Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The lost thoughts

I am lost in an island, where my thoughts are scattered into round the corners... Just finding the a big land of ocean of fresh water... I saw a mermaid, staring at me from a far apart rock side of the waves of water, watching a kiss of sky and ocean at the edge of lips of each, started the rumination from cores of mind... knowing no end of time, awaiting no escalations in any means... long ago lost the key to this dreamland and when I broke the lock I thought I procrastinated enough, leading the trailing time of honey dew of it to get hidden so secretly and asked me to play hide and seek.... Entered and found myself alone as the lonely loner.. The meadows of daffodles of wordsworth are stolen... the cocktail color of the mountain rotates itself to color of ashes... The wormhole that decided my time of flight into my utopia had been blocked and I'm stuck in the middle keeping the head in utopia and body into real world bearing all the odds in reality, affecting even the utopia built by me... A sting of spine of blood red rose, oozes a blow out of blood shed in the dreamland... 

Just as a fellow returned to his old house, there's been searching of own things, finding some broken, knowing some stolen, watching in wretches and the events of gol'd'iamonds... Still there is something so desperate about.....

.....The mermaid has left,  the waves all have calmed down, fresh waters seemed salty.... mimicking my utopia a reality... Oh my insane mind, what the hell happened to you... I know you have know answer but just a sarcastic smile....


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