Saturday, September 18, 2010

LIFE(Loss of Interest For Ever)

I don't know actually whether God is there or not.. but presuming his existence, if I have to say, its true that he simply made himself into simple and fundamental triway type particles(Eg:electrons, Protons & Neutrons) and forces (Eg:Negative, Positive & Neutral) and turned them to mix up with different permutations and combinations, we the so called Humans hardly a matter of ~80+ elemental composition in tristate(Solid, Liquid & Gaseous)of existence are trying to make infinite classifications for more than such properties given birth by such small things arranged in such vast and complex fashion.. I also wonder why several religions including science which is not a religion by its phenomenon work and speak all-through only human-centrically?? which is an insignificant entity all through the Universe... People, opinions, arguments.... hahahahaha sensible nonsense, yes I wanna name it just like that... Its too funny that materialists do question them where is your superpower, theologists do question the limitations of their counterpart... hahaahahaa its funnier than Brahmi comedy... My uncle has asked me whether I'm an atheist or theist.. I answered him that I'm a "my-th"eist, so that at-least I'm an entirely different kind of fool unlike several similar ones.. The most un-bearable answers for a realist who is called a practical person in other words, are "no one" and "nothing".. when questioned, "who are you" and "what are you for"??, he/she never accepts it as fact.. world is likely to be floating with "mentropy" (I'm sorry the term is mental entropy)... and do you know that the two contrasting fields called science and philosophy keep just two different kinds of names for the same concept.. For example if they don't understand the driving force of any xyz issue, philosophy always tries to keep its terminology in congruence to God, super power, The certainty looks uncertain etc, and science goes this way, dark matter, black energy, Empirical entity or concept or likely others... LoL... hahaha by being a living entity in terms of most notorious human language I'm enjoying all this non-sense really eccentrically... I several times doubted, why say doubted became vulnerable to be into many illusive tasks.. I don't know how, but I could drag me out of such mandrills.. hmmm.. Though I don't want to be an entity of this illusive world.. just let me enjoy this fun till I die some day or other... Probably nobody may drag me into obsession of humanly-humanness.. haaahaaha I'm just at and in and around humor, the best part of this illusion game.... Some people are really funny.. they say that there is re-birth, and they argue that their ancestors told it, hmmm.. probably their ancestors are good enough sinners that they do not only have re-birth but also the memory of re-birth.. as per the prarabdha karma.. I never knew if I had been somewhere before... probably God possess only limited number of souls to redistribute into bodies according to them.. there are religions calling sin and non-sin, it seems that there is some sound synchrony in these terms sin with sense and non-sin with non-sense.. hahahaha...... killing an ant is sin, and killing it when it bites is non-sin... ant dying is  immate"real" here... my words are almost mad man's words, never bother about them.. just laugh at them and lose yourself into your own likely illusion called LIFE(Loss of Interest For Ever)...

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