Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blank screen with (initramfs)??!!!!!

An important troubleshoot:

those who are using linux, whenever you face a situation, where your hard disk doesn't get boot, instead of that your RAM disk gets initiates with the interface as below
Busybox v1.13.3
Then use an old ubuntu/LinuxMint (versions 9/8)
list your file system with the command
sudo fdisk -l
and check  the UID of your linux installed file system using  the command
sudo blkid

mount your linux file system with a  command
sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt

(your files system number Eg:  sda6)
and compare the UIDs present  in the terminal and  fstab (type locate fstab to find the file location in the file system after you coud mount the file system) files and if they are different then, copy the UID in the terminal to fstab file and if both  UIDs look similar, then
it indicates that your file system has be repaired, to carry out this process
use the command

sudo fsck -fyv /dev/sda6

when a prompt asking y/n then press y and let the command carry out the process of disk checking and after which your system should boot your linux installation file system without any fail.

caution: do not use ubuntu 10.10 or linuxMint10 for carrying out this process, there is a bug in them which could not be fixed yet that can not make the fsck to check and correct the file system.

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